The Golden Circle

Adulting is all about being able to choose what you do, so figuring out why you do it is important. To do this we turn to Simon Sinek's Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is a tool that allows people to better align their passions and values with what they want to do. The Golden Circle does this by starting with WHY. To start with WHY means to start with the reason why you do what you do, rather than starting with what you do. This allows people to define their beliefs and find jobs or challenges that align with their purpose. For example, by using the Golden Circle you won't just be guessing what college major is right for you, you'll be able to look at which one most aligns with your purpose. Additionally, being aligned with your purpose allows you to live a more fulfilling life.


The Golden Circle is three concentric circles. These circles display three different layers of explanation of what an individuals purpose is. Every single person on the planet can tell you what they do. They are skiers, artists, procrastinators, etc. Some people can tell you how they do it, or the values or traits that guide them. They might be empathetic, believe in the power of community, show respect, etc. Very few people can tell you why they do what they do, or the contribution they make and the impact that creates. The Golden Circle helps people come up with their WHY statement or driving force. Your WHY statement is your purpose, cause, or belief. It isn't to make money or have fun, these are results of your WHY statement. Your WHY isn't related to what you do. Instead what you do should be proof of your WHY. To get your WHY, look at what impact you make on the world and what contributions you make. Use the template: To ___(Contribution)___ so that ___(Impact)___ to help you reach your WHY statement. Additionally, ask yourself: Why do you exist, why do you get out of bed in the morning, why should anyone care? To get a more in-depth explanation, watch Simon Sinek's TED Talk on the Golden Circle.