High schoolers from across the Treasure Valley are excited to launch Catapulting Into Adulting, brought to you by the Idaho Immunization Coalition and the School Nurses of Idaho (SNOI). The program was kicked off Thursday, October 19 at One Stone, a non-profit organization that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. The event was designed by Two Birds, a student-powered creative studio,  to empower high school students to be better educated about their health, develop life skills and stimulate planning for college and their career. 

Teams of high school students competed in a fun and relevant learning environment where they gained understanding and skills to successfully transition into adulthood, while earning the chance to catapult bean bags for points and prizes.

Teams navigated through One Stone, visiting Learning Pods and completing Pod Challenges in addition to participating in Inspiration Stations. When the students demonstrated understanding or completed an activity, they earned bean bags.

Learning Pods
Five Learning Pods put data, facts and figures on display in a visual fashion. Some of pods had an expert or near-peer leading an exercise or a game. Each of the five pods were organized by topic:

  • Health & Wellness – teams learned tips, tricks, and important information about physical fitness, mental health, relaxation, hydration, and healthy relationships (consent and sex).

  • Preventable Disease – teams took on issues and learned about medical responsibility, communicable and preventable diseases, the importance of vaccinations (especially before heading to college, where diseases can spread quickly).

  • College & Career Planning – teams were exposed to helpful information like postsecondary education options, important dates and deadlines, dual credit and certifications programs, campus living options, and different ways to start prototyping possible careers while in high school or college.

  • Life Hacks – teams got a quick overview of important life skills that included financial literacy, organization and time management tricks, and valuable communication habits.

  • Personal Branding – teams gained insights into how to create a personal brand using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle that helps individuals define their purpose statement, values, and their passions.

After visiting each Learning Pod, the teams tested their knowledge and/or skills by completing a Pod Challenge for each topic. Each Pod Challenge was led by an industry expert. If they successfully completed the activity or challenge, they received a bean bag.

Teams could also earn bean bags by getting immunized, recording videos, or taking photos encouraging other high school students to launch happy and healthy lives.

Catapulting for Prizes
After time was up, teams launched all of their bean bags buckets and laundry hampers for prizes. The more bags they earned, they more chances they got!


Two Birds is a revenue-generating business that provides real-world agency experience for high school students interested in learning about business, project management, technology, marketing, and design. With an impressive portfolio of work, Two Birds students plan and produce strategy, web design, social media marketing, video, animation, project management, and graphic design for paying clients on a local, regional, and national level. Proceeds are invested back into One Stone programs.